1341 Highway 65, New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017

Snow Removal

Professional Commercial and Residential Snow Plowing

Kroll Outdoor Solutions specializes in snow removal and snow disposal. We also have deicing, anti-icing, and sanding services. We buy all of our deicer on contract before the season begins so that we will not run short in the event of a salt-shortage. We also mix liquid deicers with our salt to remove ice from our lots faster, it also enables us to deice at lower temperatures and use less deicer.

Snow Disposal Services

We haul snow away from sites in large dump trucks so you don’t have to worry about huge pile ups blocking your parking lot or yard.

Kroll Outdoor Solutions is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service. We are experienced in snow removal and will make cost-effective decisions for your parking lot to ensure a high level of safety. We have cameras installed in each of the cities we service–this allows us to keep track of parking lot conditions during snow events.


We have experience with grocery stores, small businesses, school campuses, and gas stations. Our primary focus for snow removal is commercial properties. We keep parking lots clean and safe while communicating with business owners to provide transparent, quality service.


We have experience with private driveways, rental property duplexes, twin homes, and eight-plexes. We know snow removal is all about customer safety, and we take pride in providing excellent service every time.