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Kroll Outdoor Solutions Services

Kroll Outdoor Solutions provides services for your outdoor needs. We love creating compost and delivering bulk materials to make your outdoor dream a tangible reality.

Whether your existing driveway needs a touch-up or you need to create a new driveway, we’ve got you covered. We make sure that the surface of your driveway is shaped with a crown so that it sheds water just like a road does–this is where the center of the driveway is higher than the shoulders of the driveway, so that water is shed off its sides rather than running down its length.

When we arrive to repair a driveway, usually most of the gravel along the center of the driveway has been pushed to the edges from years of snowplowing. Rather than immediately spreading gravel on the driveway, we use a rotary attachment on our machine to furrow some of the gravel back to the center of the driveway. We reshape the driveway with the old material and then add a uniform layer of new material on top–this ensures that the entire driveway compacts uniformly which fends off potholes. Another advantage to reshaping the driveway before spreading new gravel is that it cuts down on how much gravel is needed. Less new gravel means a lower bill for you.

Our tri-axle dump trucks can haul any material that you need brought to your site or taken off of it.

Pole sheds are an economical way to create a permanent structure. We will prepare your site for building and work with you while planning the location of your building. Our bulldozer is laser guided, your building site will be precisely graded. Also, we compact sites with our 15,000lb roller to ensure that there is no settling on your site–compaction becomes crucial for customers who want to pour a concrete floor or install blacktop outside of the building.

Many times companies that are looking to expand operations need to increase parking space for employees and customers. Growth of an inventory-based company may also require it to increase the size of its stock yard.

We can complete the preparation for parking lots with impermeable surfaces (concrete or asphalt) and we can also install a permeable surface such as gravel. Our bulldozer is laser-guided, so materials will be spread evenly and the tight grading tolerances used with impermeable surfaces can be followed precisely.

If you are planning new construction or just want to clear out an area of land for future use, we can get it done for you. Our 30,000lb dozer will topple the largest of trees and push large boulders. If the area to be cleared is in close quarters, then our 30,000lb limited tail swing excavator equipped with a backfill blade and bucket-mounted grapple will complete your job with ease.

Not only is a lawn aesthetically pleasing, but its also a very effective form of erosion control. It’s important to get an established yard as soon as possible after construction to prevent erosion and to prevent weed encroachment.

When seeding large areas, we utilize a 6ft wide ground-driven seeder. Controls on the seeder can be adjusted to set the seed rate to the desired thickness for the given variety of seed. The seeder simultaneously sows the seeds in the ground and lightly compacts the soil so that your lawn is smooth. The utility tractor that pulls the seeder has minimal soil disturbance, so your lawn stays smooth and your seeds remain safely in the ground.

Before seeding, we agitate and rake the seed bed with a power rake pulled behind a utility tractor. If the ground is clay, before we power rake we may spread our compost on the yard and then till it into the clay soil. The compost will break up the hard pan of the clay to better support your lawn.

As the family who owns Kroll Performance Horses, we have built both our own arenas and the arenas of others. We have first hand experience of what footing equestrian facilities need and we know how to build your arena so that maintenance is minimized.

If you need your arena re-leveled or you need new sand installed in your arena, we can do those jobs for you too. Our machines have low emissions, so if your arena is enclosed, it will not be smoggy after we complete our work. Also, we have extensive experience operating heavy machinery around horses, so we will take the proper precautions not to spook the horses that may be near the work site.

We will get your site ready for a slab on grade foundation or we could also prepare your building site for footings and a basement.

Many livestock farmers need to direct drainage away from feedlots and access roads, Kroll Outdoor Solutions can look at your site and execute a drainage plan that will suit your needs.

Mowing tall weeds and small saplings down is easy with a 8 foot wide rear tractor-mounted brush mower. If you have any overgrown areas, let us know and we will send our machine out to get the job done.

Our 6 foot wide tiller attached to a utility tractor will make quick work out of most garden tillage tasks. The tractor is 5 feet wide, which makes it ideal for working in tight quarters.

Small stumps can be removed with our large skid steer, while larger stumps may require the use of an excavator or bulldozer.

Kroll Outdoor Solutions would be happy to take any extra topsoil from construction sites. We would be willing to negotiate paying for the topsoil based on quality. Please contact us if you have topsoil you are looking to remove and relocate.

Michael Kroll (Operations Manager) has his 14 CFR FAA Part 107 Certification and can legally fly drones commercially. He uses this in the bidding process to increase accuracy of estimates. Drone capabilities also include providing visuals for planning and layout processes, agricultural purposes (crop health and crop damage), and estimating stock pile volumes on job sites.