1341 Highway 65, New Richmond, Wisconsin 54017

Landscape Supply

Bulk Landscape Material Supply

We utilize an electronic counter to keep track of how many buckets go into each truck. The capacity of the bucket/scoop that we use on our loader has been carefully measured (to within 1 cubic foot) so that you always get the exact amount of material that you order.

A “full” truck load from Kroll Outdoor Solutions is 15 cubic yards. We will also deliver partial loads down to 1 cubic yard of material. Kroll Outdoor Solutions believes the quality of our product is paramount, so every load we deliver will come with an automatic extra 1/2 cubic yard to ensure the full amount arrives to you after transport.

Weather permitting, we often facilitate same-day or next-day deliveries. Make an appointment and we can load you in our yard or deliver to your door. We do ask that no animals accompany you if you come to our facility.

Black Dirt

We process our black dirt and compost through a trommel screen with ½” openings, everything larger than ½” is screened out of the final product. The dirt is also pulverized while being screened, this makes the final product clump-free and easy to spread and handle.

Our black dirt and compost are screened fresh within that same business week and will be very easy to handle. Rather than spending money to hire or rent a machine to spread the dirt, you might just choose to do it by hand after experiencing how easy it is to handle.

Organic Compost

Our compost is solely sourced from our family’s horse stable. When purchasing compost, it can be difficult to be certain where all of the ingredients come from. Rest assured that we only mix our own farm waste into our compost and we do not use herbicides or insecticides on any of our crops. Even the wood stall bedding mixed into our compost is 100% sourced directly from log grindings.

Our compost is most-commonly utilized as a natural fertilizer and soil amendment for gardening, flower beds, and lawns. Applying our compost by hand will be easy since it is screened and pulverized with a 1/2″ screen.

We supply two types of compost

  • Manure and hay mix

This compost is heavier and more soil-like. It matures quickly during the composting process, so it is high in nutrients. Weed seed free.

  • Manure, hay, and wood shaving mix

This compost is less dense and drains well. It works great to amend soils with high clay content. Weed seed free.

  • Limestone (Class V)
  • Trap rock
  • 1 1/4″ River Rock
  • Sand
  • Recycled concrete
  • Lime Screenings

Sourced from shredded hardwood trees, natural golden color (non-dyed)

Our pine wood shavings are sourced directly from freshly-ground trees. This is important because many other bedding products are made from shredded pallets, construction waste, and wood products that have been painted or varnished.

The shavings are available in two types: kiln-dried and “green” (not dried). The “green” shavings are the same material as the kiln-dried product, but they do not go through the drier.

Note: “Green” shavings have limited availability.