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Your Western Wisconsin Bulk Material Supplier

Kroll Outdoor Solutions is a family owned and operated company. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best product possible to every customer. By pairing technology with integrity we are able to deliver accurate supply quotes and deliver what we promise. Organic compost should be simple for you to get, so let us do the work.

We specialize in locally sourced and created compost from our family’s on-site horse stable. Every product we sell, we inspect to ensure only the best products leave our property.

Michael Kroll

Operations Officer

Michael holds degrees in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Wisconsin River Falls and specializes in the utilization of technology to ensure quality product and service. He is licensed to professionally fly drones equipped with transducers and he enjoys introducing any gathered data into the workflow as he calibrates the machine laser guidance systems.

Mike likes data, sensors, and analysis, but really does love dirt–that’s about as simple and grounded as it gets.

He has been playing in dirt for his entire life; when he was only a few years old he would crawl on piles that his parents made while digging basements on job sites. Fast forward to today, Mike is now making those piles and selling them to customers.

He even makes dirt out of farm waste products, the initial product starts as stinky and off-putting, but after churning it for a few months it transforms into something that you can’t help but scoop up in your hands and breath in and admire that deep earthen scent.

Mike has lived in New Richmond his entire life, and has grown up in close contact with the soils in all the counties that surround us locally. He loves dirt and loves to share it with his customers.